"Fashion is continuous evolution. Each garment is a challenge that must be overcome." The use of fabrics of the highest quality, together with the personal way of treating clothes and the care of all details, is what gives an own style to all its creations. In ATELIER VITORIA. We design and make dresses for brides, bridesmaids and godmothers absolutely personalized. Our dresses are unique, adapted to the tastes and needs of our clients. We only work with first quality fabrics, adjusting to all budgets. Personalized advice. We dress with distinction and elegance. Come to visit us and ask for a budget without any commitment.


The value of a custom garment is only appreciated when you discover for the first time what it is to go out with something that is not too long, too short, too narrow or too wide. Each person is different, each body is different and the only way to adjust the garment to your body is to measure the waist, length and every part of your silhouette correctly before cutting the garment.

Tailored garments do not have to be a luxury within the reach of a few. You can have any type of custom garment with very little effort, it is simply necessary that we take your measurements, choose the model and the fabric that best suits your desires and in a short time you can have that dress, skirt or jacket with which you always dreamed.

At ATELIER VITORIA, we advise you on the type of fabric, the type of finishes, linings and all the details so that you can enjoy an unique garment, made to measure.



We make COLLECTIONS of custom clothing transformations, with the maximum guarantees since we have a long experience in the transformation of all types of garments. All COLLECTIONS of transforming clothes are made with the utmost care, preserving the initial quality of the garments and paying maximum attention to the finishing details. A job to your satisfaction.

Being COLLECTIONS of very diverse nature depending on the garment and the magnitude of the transformation to be carried out, it is not even possible for these COLLECTIONS without making a preliminary study. Therefore we give you the option of requesting an approximate budget. However, and if you consider it appropriate, you can also contact us by phone or come to visit us in our atelier. Surely we agree! At ATELIER VITORIA, we will study the transformation and give you a free estimate and without any commitment on your part.


At ATELIER VITORIA, we make all kinds of arrangements, both men's and women's. We have a team of sewing professionals with great experience that will help you in whatever setting you need to carry out. From taking the bottom of the trousers to shortening the sleeves of a shirt. Also for your home, we adjust curtains, fix sheets, everything has a solution here, and if it has no solution we give you an alternative in a moment.

All this with the guarantee of offering the highest quality, in the shortest possible time and always with the goal of providing the best price to our customers.